3 Ways To Tell If Someone Has Been Using Marijuana

If I was him I would make a huge deal every time you took a sip of alcohol or took a pill for whatever aches and pains you have. THINK OF OUR SON, POOR LITTLE JACKSON, AND WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE YOU ARE GIVING HIM”. I have been smoking daily for nearly twelve years, and I have a great deal of difficulty imagining my life without it. I have attempted moderation in pursuit of fairness for my partner, but inevitably find myself unable to control my own use.

Pros of Having a Partner who Smokes Pot

When you realize you’re worth more you’ll expect more! Verbal abuse, and most other types of abuse are usually caused by an underlying disorder. Many people don’t realize that they have a mental disorder so they self medicate with pot or other drugs. Or it could be the drug it’s self affecting the persons behavior. And in some cases if they come from an abusive home it could be a learned behavior. You can’t help him, he needs to help himself and you need to leave and help yourself.

Should I live with a marijuana addict who is otherwise a good man?

He never introduced me to anyone he knew and it seemed like he was embarrassed by me when I was with him and other people were around, like in public. This is not about a romantic relationship. It’s about a friendship that is on the verge of being destroyed by pot, but actually it’s not really the pot but the person who is dependent on it and pot’s influence on their emotions, and thinking. This is bang on and I really could not even add anything more to the reality of dating a chronic pot head. I still am struggling in coming to terms with this because there were good parts that is really hard for me to just let go of.

He does not want to compromise, and I do not want it in my home, nor do I like watching someone sitting stoned on the couch every single day. This was my house, before he moved in. I have asked him to leave, since I own the house and have nowhere else to go, he can go to his parents. However, about 2 months into our relationship he started staying with me at my apartment.

I don’t want to cast any judgement on anyone, I just wish that I can show him why I don’t think doing the things that he’s been doing is right. I’m guilty of bad things too and I’m trying to get better and be better. After moving to where he lives now, he started smoking weed, occasionally taking X pills and Adderall.

If they stumble a lot, seem unusually clumsy, or complain of feeling dizzy, these may be signs of marijuana use. I don’t know when this was posted, I hope that your hookupgenius boyfriend has found the strength to stop. I had a conversation with myself about this, to see if I could handle bring with someone that smoked as much as she.

Real Life

I’ve seen multiple people suggest you simply up and leave just because your man smokes weed and it’s “only going to get worse”. Whilst this is of course a possibility, it’s not a given. Much of the advice/opinions here sprout from their own relationship experience, but their man is not your man, they’re different people with different personalities, interests etc. Even though I truly care for my boyfriend , I made the decision to break up with him a few days ago. I thought I was okay with him being a daily smoker, but I wasn’t.

He smokes almost everyday and everynight and im the one paying for it. I find it really hard to reject him when it comes to money. That could be used for something else or save for something more important than weed.

He pulled a couple of things and i left him. It’s dangerous for ones health and state of mind. I can’t stand smoke…so probably will be a huge deterrent for me. She doesn’t have to smoke, but if she’s against it, I’ll leave it to some other dude. The GF didn’t like it at all so I quit, but we do it occasionally together. Cannabis can heighten sensory awareness, allowing your partner to be more in tune with their surroundings and the people around them.

I know I need help before I end up hurting myself, but I’m afraid to talk to an adult about my situation. My girlfriend doesn’t want me speaking about the situation to anyone, not even her. I asked if I can tell her about my feelings so I can get closer to forgetting about it, but she said she didn’t want that.